Cabal Online Runes & Blended Runes Guide

Signed, sealed and delivered by Kevin Friday, September 24, 2010

NOTICE: For the up-to-date version of this guide, please refer to this link instead.

I decided to compile all my findings regarding runes for Cabal Online as a point of reference for myself and as for anyone else who would like to take up this post as a guide.

My guide is incomplete but I will update it from time to time when I get relevant information and the time to do so.

Oh, of course, credits will be given and best of all, it is given right here, right now:

Screenshots of the game were taken by myself from CabalSEA
Original artworks are copyrights and belonging to ESTSoft

Following is the list of FAQ:

FAQ Index

  1. Introduction and Basics of Runes (a.k.a. Soul Ability)
  2. Introduction and Basics of Blended Runes
  3. Application of Runes
  4. Rune Usage and Growth
  5. Rune Drop Location
  6. Rune Stats, Types and Abilities
  7. Rune Abilities Limitation
  8. Things Needed to Learn and Develop Rune Abilities
  9. Rune Charts

What are Runes?

Runes are the latest edition to the game, Cabal Online in Episode 3: Soul & Sienna, amongst other new features. The Runes (also known as Soul Ability) are similar to the pet option, whereby you can use it to learn specific options such as HP, Attack, Magic Attack and etc. that adds bonus to you permanently as long as you have learnt the Runes and is not deleted from the Soul Ability window.

To access this window, simply press U from your keyboard or alternatively click the icon circled in red as shown in the screenshot below:

Once done, you will see this window:

As you can see, the attribute skills which I had learned are Stun Resist, Down Resist, Knock-Back Resist, STR, DEX, INT and Pet EXP respectively.

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What are Blended Runes?

Blended Runes are an extension of how normal runes work. Unlike normal Runes which are completely passive, Blended Rune requires you to firstly 'activate' the skill or effect that you want in order for it to work passively. For example, having the Shock I, Defenseless I and Sword Pressure I rune learned, you can have all 3 blended runes activated at any one time as long as it is 'activated'.

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When can I use/learn Runes?

You can start learning these Runes from level 120 onwards, as this is where the first rune's level requirement is met and also this is when you start to gain Soul Ability known as Ability Experience Points (AXP). There is a bar right above the EXP bar which is yellow, instead of the EXP which is blue, as seen from the screenshot below:

It is also visible inside the Soul Ability Window (U) as shown in the screenshot below:

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How do I level up my Runes?

Runes require AP to learn and level it. In order to gain 1 AP, it is required to attain 10,000,000 AXP. The character gains AXP every time the character gains EXP. A character at any given time can store a maximum of 500 AP. Once reaching this limit, the character will not be able to gain anymore AXP nor AP until it is spent on Runes.

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Where can I find/hunt for Runes?

You can generally find runes at higher level maps and dungeons.

For Maps:
  • Lakeside
  • Mutant Forest
  • Pontus Ferrum

For Dungeons:
  • Frozen Tower of the Undead B1F
  • Volcanic Citadel
  • Frozen Tower of the Undead B2F
  • Forgotten Temple B1F
  • Forbidden Island
  • Sienna Altar B1F
  • Forgotten Temple B2F

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What type of Runes are there?

There are altogether 26 types of Runes at the moment for Cabal Online. The Runes, in the breakdown in groupings are:

  • HP
  • MP
  • STR
  • INT
  • DEX
  • Attack
  • Magic Attack
  • Defense
  • Attack Rate
  • Defense Rate

  • Down Resistance
  • Stun Resistance
  • Knock-Back Resistance

  • EXP
  • Skill EXP
  • Party EXP
  • Pet EXP

  • Sword Skill Amp
  • Magic Skill Amp

  • HP Steal Percentage
  • HP Steal Per Hit
  • MP Steal Percentage
  • MP Steal Per Hit

  • Alz Drop Rate
  • Alz Drop Amount
  • Alz Bomb Chance

For reference of each type of Rune after it has been learned, refer here.

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What are the limitations to the Runes I could learn?

Although there are 26 Runes in which could be very helpful if a player is given the chance to learn all of it, however a character can only learn up to 13 types of Rune at any one time.

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What do I need to learn these Runes?

The first thing would be the Rune itself, of course along with other catalysts, mainly cores. The type of cores that are needed for the skill increases depending on the growth and level of the Rune. For a more detailed information on requirements for Rune growth, refer to the Rune Growth Chart.

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Rune Charts

Runes (With Images)

TypeImageNameDrop Location
StatsHPPontus Ferrum (Cornus)
STRFrozen Tower of the Undead B1F (Chest)
DEXVolcanic Citadel (Chest)
Attack RateVolcanic Citadel (Any mobs)
Defense RateForbidden Island (Any mobs)
ResistancesKnock-Back ResistForbidden Island
Down ResistFrozen Tower of the Undead B2F
Stun ResistVolcanic Citadel

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Change Log
24th September 2010-Added HP, Attack Rate and Defense Rate Runes to the table
20th August 2010-Added Blended Runes to the guide
28th August 2009-Guide is up!

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